Music Institute at Carrollton Square

Student motivation is so important for successful lessons in any instrument. Motivation comes externally: reward and incentive systems for practice, listening to musical performances in any medium, peer pressure, etc... And motivation also can come intrinsically. This is when a student gains motivation because they have felt success, and want to continue to attain success. Opportunities for success come from setting an individual goal for performance, and meeting that goal. That is the primary reason why we organize student recitals and offer additional opportunities in which students can their very best -- again, this is based on the individual student. 

Our performance opportunities and student activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Fall Student Recital
  • Spring Student Recital
  • Casual performances on the porch
  • TMTA Theory Test (state assessment leveled by grade)
  • In-House Auditions -- Overall Musicianship Skills