Music Institute at Carrollton Square

Music Institute is now MAKE

  Friday, May 14, 2021 by Rachel Yarborough | MAKE

May 14, 2021

Dear Community:

We have some exciting news to share! Over the past few months we have been planning a restructure for the Music Institute, and we are finally ready to reveal our plans to you!

The Music Institute has been a great place for students to study various musical instruments throughout the years. We are continually encouraged as we watch each students’ growth and excitement about music! This will continue to remain a constant even as we make some changes to the structure of our business.

In addition to music lessons, we will now be offering maker workshops taught by various local artisans. The largest group room in the building will be transformed into a workshop space where people can come to learn how to make all kinds of crafts and art. Sewing, floral arranging, macrame, weaving, painting, jewelry, concrete art, and more. We are so excited for this new venture, and look forward to evolving as a creative center for the community. 

Because of this expansion of our studios, the name of the business formerly known as Music Institute at Carrollton Square is now going to be MAKE: Music and Creative Arts. Please stay tuned on our social platforms -- Facebook and Instagram as these changes take place. 

We hope that the new workshop space provides a place for greater community diversity within our walls. And we hope that you’ll want to join us in that vein at some point! All of our workshop classes will be product based, and I’m really excited to be able to share some of those opportunities with all of you!! Our workshops are set to begin the first week of June, and we will also be having an open house to show off some of our classes and the products that class participants will get to keep when they finish their class!

Thanks for your support and commitment to our program through your time with us. We hope to depend on that support as we venture forward!

Rachel Yarborough, Director

Jesse Fry, Owner